Made to measure social media data.

We combine data, technology, and sector expertise to provide made to measure social media intelligence for companies and organisations around the world.

What makes us different.

Every project we work on is unique and we provide a consultative, data driven approach to identifying the best way to meet the emerging challenges and opportunities that social media are creating for brands, organisations, data scientists and more.

We also create accessible data platforms to make it easier for clients to track, explore, and identify their own ongoing data driven intelligence.

With the help of the BirdSong platform my students can select posts to see how organisations are connecting with stakeholders.

Dr. Elving University of Amsterdam. Read this case study

There are three core components at the heart of our approach.

Many of the projects we work on are at the forefront of understanding how social media can help meet the different communication requirements of clients, today.

We work with a diverse range of clients, worldwide.

Including organisations, agencies, universities, media owners, influencer platforms, researchers, consultants, legal advisors, investment/VC, and data scientists.

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